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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  July 8, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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be three aspects of the investigation, they'll investigate the man, machine and environment. >> looking at the man, we look at the pilot. training and his or her experiences and we'll talk to instructors and things like that. we take a look at the medical aspects of the pilot. >> i'm glad that no one waelsz hurt and so glad it wasn't in the hospital. my goodness. >> and. >> investigateors will exyanlin the plane, remains take dwron a storage facility. they'll layout the plane in a controlled environment they'll see if the weather had anything to do with that. and there is a preliminary report out in about five to 10 days and will be on their web
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site. a final report will take a little bit longer brks a year. >> thank you very much. >> and the bay area survivors of that fishing boat accident in the sea of cortez arriving home, safe, but emotionally scarred forever. resident hung on to an ice chest before he and his friend were able to board a smaller fishing boat. and he believes it was positioned poorly and is critical of the captain. >> there was never any warning to us. and there was no made yeah, which i didn't realize. the captain was inept, at least to, say. >> one arrived by greyhound bus but only after the truck he was driving in broke down just north of the u.s. border. an meegsal ikigami had this message about those missing at
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sea. >> it's just -- they're all good people. >> the search for the seven continued today aichl dive team from hawaii scheduled to arrive on sunday. >> and major league baseball said it's shocked and sadden bid the death of a fan last night's a-rangers game and pledged to continue to ensure save environment in big league parks. he was reaching for a ball when he tumbled over a railing. it happened in front of his 6-year-old son, too. the firefighter died at the hospital. the rangers have placed a tarp over the area where he fell. >> and we're doing it out of respect for the family. so there won't be pictures taken of that area. we zront a long range strategy
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if anything is going to be done there at this point this n.time. >> and teams around baseball plan on wearing a black ribbon in honor of stone. the giants say they will inspect the park to be sure fans are safe there. >> bay area host another soldier in afghanistan. and his unit came under an atachblg he leaves behind a wife and two children from a previous marriage. and he was 36 years old. a judge ruled a murder suspect is not competent to stand trial in the shooting death of a community leader. the 54-year-old died after being shot inside of the garage in june, police say he killed louis because he thought his childhood friend
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turned against him. the ruling mean ez will go to a state mental hospital. >> there are gas price dz not translate into a rosie hiring picture for june. and that is the lowest month of hiring since last fall. and the unemployment rate stands at 9.2%. and president obama reacted to the report. >> there is a long way to go and a lot of work to do to give people the security and opportunities they deserve. >> and there is some hope on the horizon in some industries tlchl is a flip size of the dismal unemployment report. >> with unemployment back on the rise, there are a few specific areas where companies actually can't find enough qualified workers.
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a new report from staffing firm man power lists top 10. i'll give you a hint. the job at the top requires a hard hat. carpenters, plumbers and electricians. together they're known as the skilled trades. a vital part of the construction indi -- industry and number one hardest job to find qualified applicants for. >> with the work we do, you don't want to have people that aren't skilled and trained. what we do is dangerous. anything can go wrong z you don't have proper training, you're just not an asset to the job site. >> paul is a fourth generation electrician. he became an apprentice. with recession putting a stop to many build prog jekts, waiting list for such apprenticeship is hundreds of people long its not fair to the person to put them into a class and say go find a job. we don't do it that way. so if there is no jobs we
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don't want to bring them in. >> but kathleen says things br to turn around for skilled tradesmen with three hospitals and an airport terminal to be built in the next year. that is why it topped the list and they're followed by sales reps, drivers and accounting staff to round out top five. also in top 10 i.t.staff, managers teachers and machinists. for this carpenter, news couldn't come soond8 enough. he's been on thatรง waiting list for electrician training program. now there is feenlly space to let him in. >> it's something i wanted to do. and i was waiting. >> and the head of the training will be more openings and a lot of electricians are getting close to retirement.
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man power says not as many are going into the trades z that means more opportunities and more money for those who do. >> and oakland firefighters voted to cut pay and take concessions in order to avoid layoffs meaning they'll give up 8.8% of their pay in each of the next three years and contribute more to their pensions, give bags were key, cutting about $40 million from $58 million deficit. the rest closed by the kaiser convention center. >> dozens of can fran teens getting a chance to perform police duties. the chief pinned badges on 47 young kad yits. and they're going to get a chance to inturn. police brass hope the kids
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will join ranks of san francisco's finest and some are as young as 14 years old. >> they're capable and so looking for this will be helpful and we'll northbound dire straits if not hiring and develop young people. >> there are 300 officers expected to retire in next few year autos a mother turned her teenagers into plis after seeing them taking part in a flash mob robbery of a veeng store. this video aired on tv. the woman saw and only wants to be identified as kizzy. >> these are my children. so what do you do at this point? so i slept on it and woke up in the morning. we talked about it. and i just told them this is the decision that i made. we're going to go to the police station. >> kizzy urges parents of the
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other teens to turn them over as well. >> and coming up, new british invasion. >> and lift off of atlantis marks the last flight for the shuttle program but there is optimism for a fresh start to space exploration. >> and the summer heat is going take a break for a while. i'll be back with a much cooler forecast coming up. >> and thank you. plus, oil company behind last summer's disastrous gulf spill fights to stop payouts to victims. the news continues ininininininn
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld.
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the space shuttle lifted off safely this morning at cape canaveral florida. that launch is the 135th and final one for the 30-year-old program. and this crew is on a four day mission. and restocking with spare parts, and food. >> and close to a million people gathered to witness the launch, there is a group packing the research center in mountain view to watch the takeoff. and many there were worried about the future of the space exploration, one veteran scientist offered another take. >> think about it. railroads did the same thing. and aviation did the same thing. government started it, turning it over to private industry. and in immediate future, nasa will continue to work on new events and plans to relay on the private sector or rent
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spots ton russian shuttles to get into space. >> bp said it should no longer have to make payments of the big oil spill in the gulf of mexico filing a brief claiming compensation should stop because the economy improved. the oil company points to tourism, and creating a fund to compensate people for damages triggered by a similar explosion z took three months as you may remember to cap the well and this is considered the worse spill in u.s. history. >> there is a new effort to save a 300-year-old oak tree. san francisco public utilities commission wants to cut the tree down to make way for a new pipe lichblt and neighbors say the p.u.c. has not taken a look at the options to save the tree. >> what does it doft remove it? you all costs, including the value of the tree.
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it's acceptable. and two, what is the cost to move it some wrr else? >> there is and the san francisco tenants union turned in thousands of signed petitions this afternoon, aimed at getting a measure on the november ballot to stop redevelopment of park merced. the board approved a plan to build 7200 new high-rise units near san francisco state university bu. that means more than 1500 rent control garden apartments will be demolished. advocates claimed they gathered twice as many as needed to get a measure on the ballot in november. >> and there are sections of 580 going to be closed. caltrans doing work there. being done between north livermore and airway boulevard.
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and tuesday from 1:00 a.m. to 4:00 a.m. motorists can take the on ramp from there, you can go to portolla avenue to return to eastbound 580. >> and well, they're used to stars in langs but tonight they have royalty. there is prince william and kate middleton. the couple arrived not long ago. >> that much-anticipated visit is underway. there is a lot of excitement here at the beverly hilton hotel. they came straight to beverly hills, this is kate's first time in the u.s. but didn't stop to do shopping they're going to go down to business. and they arrived at l.a.x., greet bid governor jerry brown
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and other dignitaries and kate always captures a lot of attention with what she wears changed clothes during her trip from canada to l.a. arrived wearing a beautiful laughder dress. judge bug what's happening, that dress will probably be copied and on the strees within hours. the couple came here to the beverly hilton hotel attending a summit and panel on new media and investments, a meeting brought together leaders from investment community and business and entertainment communities and participation by royals to try to promote ties between america and the united kingdom. santa monica, home to one of the largest expatriot communities in the us use they just seem normal people. and they're not all sucked into traditional side of things, i think.
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>> i think. >> and again, as i mentioned there aren't a lot of opportunities for the public to get close to the royals. people have gathered outside of the hotel did get a treat. some did see kate william. and i'm sure they were snapping pictures. i saw girls wearing crowns and replicas of kate's ring. i met one woman said she was here several years ago when queen elizabeth came and when prince charles visited. and so there is a lot ahead of them during this visit to los angeles z they'll go to a reception at the home of the british consul general and there is a polo match prince william will be playing in, there is a big party with a lot of celebrities from british community as well as hollywood celebrities and
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we'll be watching and want to keep track of what kate is wearing! reporting live from los angeles abc 7 eyewitness news, thank you. >> and that is lots of fun. >> lots of fun and there is weather royalty here, tonight. >> and there is a good looking weekend but temperatures trend down. by next week you're going start to wonder if it's summer here. that is heat going away as mentioned. there is a live look in the bay. you can see the fog there. there is another live picture from san jose. it's 82 degrees, satellite from afternoon showing you fog along the coast. it's very shallow along coast. and there are temperatures
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coming up two to five degrees warmer this afternoon. and there is 60s around places like oakland, san francisco and half moon bay. cooler area wide, and temperatures going to bottom out next week. and there are upper 70s into the middle of the week. tonight looking for fog to be wide spread. there is a change in the pattern. a trough is developing here. it's a cooler pattern developing. there is a trof that will start to drop down towards our area. so that deepening area of low pressure brings about cooler
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weather heading into next week. and there is sea breezes back. temperatures into 80s, out of the 90s tomorrow, and fog lingering into afternoon. temperatures saturday into south bay. there is a mild day, 80 degrees, you're looking at low to mid-70s from san mateo to redwood city. up to 80 degrees in los altos. along coast fog going to keep temperatures down. and there is sunset district al. north bay numbers from 60s at beaches to 81 in the east bay. and 68 in oakland and heading inland, we're not going to see 90s we've seen today. 85 in livermore z 83 degrees
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around the creek. 67 in watsonville. getting inland plaigss like gilroy is 84 degrees, here is a look at the acht. low 60s to mid-80s tomorrow and will stay in that range sunday. much cooler weather is coming up as start out the week. by wednesday and thursday, there are cloudier conditions and upper 70s inland and into coastline. we're not expecting that. so get used to that weather. >> we will. >> thank autos it's going to be beautiful. just not what we normally oor coming up,xd environmentally friendly finney's friday free stuff going to leave your dishes sparkling. >> and we haven't seen a single shark at the surface. >> a surprising discovery in what has been shark-infested waters. at 6:00 the story on why
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scientists are so concerned about the disappearance of ocean's top predator. >> and there is a reminder, you can watch a two-hour prime time special this sunday at 9:00 right here on abc 7.
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i can read your mind ready for the weekend, looking for a treat. >> yes. i am. there is free stuff good, to eat, then, you can clean it up carl's junior has a new chicken sandwich out them make a big deal over it being hand breaded and this stuff. you think okay. it's really good.
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and there is brand new. it's a chickenym, all white meat. the restaurants are getting is that if it's fresh, it tastes better. we're seeing that more and more. >> people have an expectation of this kind ofed into now. >> i think so. >> and let's assume you mutt that on a plate, not like some people. >> never making to it a plate with dan. >> you can clean the plate. one problem with fish washers not being eco friendly. this is a product that is that is called e covert. and it's a tab blet. it cleans it up. everything is bio degradable. >> i said you do not have to wash plates do you not use. so... >> what is the name of the product?
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>> e covert. >> what to get it?. >> great question. right there. go to the consumer blog because there are three yimts, one of which is a slurpee. >> thank you. >> and coming up next, a refurbishes project is finished. >> one of the most-popular playgrounds reopens for bismts
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new at 6:00 working cat walk on the bay bridge. what these ramps will be used for. that is a half an hour. >> say fran fran official reopened the popular plaza after more than a million dollars in renovations. >> workers replaced the large asphalt plaza, adding a trash area and landscaping and art. >> next is a